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The day of the training we will meet for 2.5 hours to go over training manual, client preparation, tanning tips, tan machines, tanning methods, solution types, skin types, tan longevity techniques, before & after care products etc. $500

You will receive:

- A Training Manual (Go by methods to step you through the airbrush tan process)

-1 Liter of Tan On tanning solution 

- a maxi mist tan machine 

-Preparation products for clients

-You will get an airbrush tan and will airbrush tan a Model 


-The cost of training will be recovered with initial bottle of solution, when charging recommended pricing to start building clientele.

I will send you information to prepare you before we meet, so that you have more knowledge of what we will be going over.


Will get all items day of training- message / call to schedule.

Tan On Training

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